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Hello everyone. Thank you for taking time to view my portfolio. My name is Clyde. I have been a photographer since the early 90's. I come from a television production background and have adopted a photo journalistic style of capturing what I see. I enjoy shooting just about everything from fashion to scenery.

I study photography daily, and I attempt to apply what I've learned to my "next" shoot. I enjoy collaborating with models and designers on the type of shoot we do. I am not hard to work with - my way is NOT the only way. Your views are important to me. The more input you have into your shoot, the more you will put in to your shoot!

I know everyone wants to know - to bring or not to bring an escort. Do whatever you feel is comfortable. I usually try to meet my clients before shoots where possible to get a feel for them, and they can get a feel for me. I also use that time to do my homework and get ideas ready for the shoot. At the end of that, if you still feel you need an escort - bring one... just know that I'll be putting that person to work!

Well, anything else you want to know... just ask... I look forward to working with many of you!

Take care,





21 Aug 12 07:42
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