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About Me

I'm a 21 year old photographer who has always had a love for the arts. Finding something beautiful in nature and then being able to capture it accurately past your own lifetime so that others may enjoy it as well... That's my inspiration, and using Modelmayhem I would like to branch out even further, so that more people may see my work, that I may be able to find more people to work with and create art. I have a lot of experience, I've been shooting since 2008, with a years break there in the middle. Started as a model then picked up the camera and began shooting landscape photography. I then had an epiphany and thought "why not put a beautiful model in this gorgeous setting," and I have been working with models since!

I will shoot just about anything, and you will always receive copies of all of your photographs. I have a very malleable schedule and if we set a date to work together, I'll make certain that I'm there. Too many times have I been ready for a shoot, only to be stood up at the last moment. If you have a family emergency, I understand, but tell me what's going on.

If you can stay true to your word, we can get along very well here :)