About Me

Having been a working tog for some 27 years having started shooting on large & medium format film & subsequently moving to digital.

Shoot in a mix of styles - my real passion is in the lighting, often combining studio flash & natural light on location shoots.

I also like making my own lighting/camera rigs for slightly more specialist shoots to get different angles or perpectives.

Had several studios over the years but after being locked into leases & making landlords rich at my expense now work from home & hire as I need to.

Train & mentor other photographers.

Now I'm sufficiantly middle aged to be classed as a "Grumpy old man" please read the following before you contact me re a shoot.

If I'm going to employ a model for a shoot I am quite capable of using the search facility to find a model who fits the clients requirements. Unsolicited requests for paid work will be ignored.

I occasionally shoot TFCD - if you want to work with me I am always interested in the models ideas since colaborations often produce interesting results

I also collaberate with other photographers - if it gets great pictures I'll try it.

If a paying job clashes with a TFCD shoot I will postpone the TFCD & will understand if the model cancels for the same reasons, however I do expect a professional attitude from my model - if you have to cancel, phone me with as much notice as possible, a text cancellation less than 12 hours before the shoot or a no show without explanation & I will leave poor references.


3yrs Max Power; 7 years Fast Car; 5 years Diver;
Odd stuff in The Sun; Daily Star; Telegeaph; FT; Empire; Arena;Home Cinema Choice;

Shoots for Guiness: Walls Icecream; Gallo Wines; HM Treasury;
LLoyds Bank; Kenwood; Denon;Premier Foods;
Plus enough other bits of commercial & advertising work to keep me busy for the past 27 years :)

Have also organised the Derelict Pool & Luxury Pool Groupshoots.