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Skinvertisement provides creative and eye-catching ways for you to advertise your business. A team of professionally trained airbrush artists and models are available upon request to promote your club, restaurant, or event—walking billboards which create an extensive amount of hype and buzz for your company.
Choose from a list of beautiful models to become your canvas, and then watch as our skilled airbrush artists paint your company logo and/or event onto the canvas, making it a masterpiece. Your business will now be the conversation piece for months to come.
Owner Jesse Paiva-Dunn combines his 13 years of expertise and experience as an airbrush artist, graphic designer, web designer and photographer, to develop a one-stop-shop for promotions, design, and event coverage.
Skinvertisement offers every service you will need to promote your event. Services include: Airbrush Art, Photography Body Painting, Videography, Photography, Hair and Makeup, and Print and Design. Whether your event is large or small, Skinvertisement has a team of qualified individuals who will present you with outstanding results.


17 Nov 10 09:41
Excellent work
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