About Me

Absolutely NO Chapperones or Escorts....You may contact my models or clients for references.  

**In a mild Hiatus,

I had to let go of my 3000sf Studio so I’m mainly shooting from my house.
I also have some health issues that need some attention as well.
TF* has come to a halt unless I have already made plans with you.

Hopefully this won’t be for long, and things will turn around.

Photography is a hobby of mine which I’m very passionate about.

Sean K.



***I also shoot content (for web sites) both Video and Stills***

I don't know anybody who needs a critic to find out what art is.
-Jean-Michel Basquiat  


17 Oct 10 04:53
Great to see you here. Welcome to iStudio family!!! Love your work as always. xo Marianne WRS
29 Sep 10 12:54
Hi and welcome! :@} Pietro
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