About Me

"Wiseman has chosen a landscape of dramatic form and line and projected the nude onto it. She has sought a fusion of the figure within the landscape in the simplest apportionment of surfaces, natural formations, nudity and light. It is characteristic vastness. It gives us a sense of desolation and liberation. It is a magical space."

Zoe Wiseman lives in Malibu, California with her husband, Charlie Clouser, 2 time grammy nominated, former Nine Inch Nails member and composer for movies (SAW (I - VI), Death Sentence) and TV (NUM3ERS, Las Vegas). They have 2 cats and want to tell you to adopt from your local animal shelter and to spay or nueter your pets! Zoe Wiseman is a Founding Member of the ASPCA and donates regularly to help all of our animals in need.


Selected Publications Featuring Zoe Wiseman

GQ Magazine (German)

Photo Art (Czech Republic)

Fine Art Photo (German)

Polaroid (USA)

SAW II Original Score Sountrack (German)

The Times Picayune (New Orleans, Louisiana, USA)

Clean Fine Art (German book)

Passion & Desire (German book)

Angel's Delight (German book)

Style Monte Carlo magazine (Monaco)

Max Magazine (German)

Max Magazine (Italian)

BMI Music World magazine (USA)

Orkus magazine (German)

Moog Movie (documentary on Bob Moog, USA)

Sylvie Blum Nudes (German book)

Tribe magazine (New Orleans, Louisiana, USA)

New Burlesque (French book)

Fantasies (Italian book)

NUDE X (USA book)

The Cairns Post (Australia, QLD)

Nudes Indexx II (German book)

210 Photographers (Swedish book)

I Spy With My Plastic Eye (USA book A&I Photographic)

Fiat Lux - Fine Art Nudes by Zoe Wiseman

Le Nu LA  (USA book A&I Photographic)

And an ABC news segment about photography websites on the internet in 1999. ABC News interviewed Zoe Wiseman and Carlton Mickle for their Prime Time News Hour which included a live photoshoot with model photographing the nude. A major step for fine art nude photography.