About Me

If anyone would like to do a TFP/TFCD shoot during the week, please contact me about a week in advance so I can make the arrangements at my regular job to be off.

I'm located in East Central Mississippi, about 25 miles due west of Meridian and 60 miles east of Jackson.

I do a lot of senior portrait work, weddings, as well as sports action shots.

I'm looking to expand my portfolio with more studio based glamour shots with dramic style lighting, and I am experimenting in early 20th century pinup style images. If you are looking for pinups, please let me know and let's see if we can work some up together.

I will do TFP/TFCD with new models who have some ideas about what they want to do. Please don't contact me to do TFP/TFCD and say "I don't know" when I ask what type of shots you want. Please have some of your ideas. I love to get ideas from the models I work with instead of just shooting my ideas.

TFP/TFCD is a collaboration, and a trade. That means we shoot some things you want, and we shoot some things I want. In the end, we both get what we want and can use. I do require a model release be signed and in return I give you a release along with the images on a CD after I've edited them. Models under the age of 18 will have to have their parents present and sign the release on behalf of the model. No exceptions.




30 Dec 09 11:22
Welcome to IStudio- You have a great start on your port.
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