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STUDIO 100 are photographers mainly interested in fashion, swim wear, lingerie, glamour, and artistic nudes. We are very passionate about photography and creativity. We have built up a wealth of clients and a huge reputation through out the New York area. We now provide the same professional services in the Orlando area.

There is an old saying in photography. “before you can break the rules of photography you must first know what they are”. "Well WE HAVE NO RULES"
if it strikes you as something you've never seen before, then we've reached
our goal.


1. Bold, Alluring, Sexy and Hot

2. Provocative but Professional

3. Angels and close ups that shatter your thoughts


1. Laid back professionalism – We laugh and have a good time – as long as the work gets done. If you’re not completely at ease with us, We are not doing our job and the shoot is not going to work.

2. We always carry a pure desire to capture an image we can all be proud of and that will make heads turn.

3. NO EGO – We find them boorish and tiresome.

4. A complete understanding of what we expect from the shoot and as little delay as possible between sets.

5. 100% of our adult photo & video sessions are paid work.


1. Show up and give the shoot a chance to be awesome as upon written and verbal phone agreement . Bring your creative juices and collaborative efforts and leave your ego at home.

2. You’re welcome to bring an unobtrusive escort if you so desire. But please remember, your escort is not part of the shoot. After meeting and and discussing the total time of the session...escorts must exit premises.



17 Apr 14 23:32
Beautiful port!
10 Sep 11 21:32
thanks for the FR! perhaps our paths will cross someday! look me up if you're ever in need of my services~! ;^)
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