About Me

First things first:

-Please do not fish for me to hire and pay you. If I'm not getting paid to begin with, how am I going to pay you?

-While I'm starting to move more towards paid gigs only, I'll consider TF work if you have a look or concept I like.

-If you have received a friend request from me, please understand that I didn't just go down a list and hit add. It means I actually checked out your portfolio and what you had to say about yourself, and I liked what I saw. I might like to shoot with you one day in the future.

-Attention mua's: I'm looking to capture some headshots that can really show off your abilities. I'm looking for MAC style stuff that really has alot of color. Contact me for examples of what I'm looking for and we'll get something going. I wouldn't mind paying you a small fee to help cover materials, and if you don't have a friend that will model for you, I'm sure I can find someone!


Now a little about me:

My name is James.

I have a day job, so I'm not starving for work. At the same time this means my shooting schedule is generally on the weekends or after 5pm on weekdays. I do have a very flexible work schedule so I can also take off during the week to shoot if nothing else works.

I have a girlfriend, so I'm not on this site to try and get a date. We've been together for over a year and live together. She's usually around when I shoot at home, and sometimes when I shoot on location. She's my muse and I love it when she's around.

I've been interested in photography for about the last 10 years. When I received my first programmable digital camera in 2001 I was definitely hooked. Since then I've learned so much, and continue to learn with every shot and shoot.

I generally shoot out of my home studio in Dallas, but I can bring my equipment to your location as well. If you’re doing a shoot at my place you are encouraged to bring a friend/etc and they can sit behind the camera with me while I shoot. I find that this helps break the ice a little and will turn the shoot into something fun.

My main focus is glamour and fashion style pictures, but that doesn’t mean I won’t attempt other types of shots.

I believe that a shoot shouldn’t just be all photographer or all model. I believe it’s a collaboration between both to produce a great picture. So while I might have the general idea for an image, I encourage other ideas that would make it a better shot.

I don’t shoot playboy style nudes or implied shots. If you’d like those kinds of shots, I know a couple of good photogs that can help you with that. Artistic nudes are on a case by case basis.

I’m available to shoot during the week after about 6pm, or generally anytime during the weekends, minus any dates listed below. If you are interested, please contact me here, or on my website: