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Hi EveryOne there....

My name is SALIM RAJANI....I'm a Photographer....Not by Profession....but by PASSION.....I wanna make my Passion as my profession with the help of u guys there....I love to shoot WILD LIFE PHOTOGRAPHY, NATURES PHOTOGRAPHY, HUMAN EMOTIONS, FASHION PHOTOGRAPHY. Also I love to Shoot Kids with all Emotions...Crying, Playing, Laughing..They Look Beautiful & Cute in All Emotions....I was working as a GRAPHIC DESIGNER in INDIA. But now-a-days living in BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA USA....And trying to make a place for self in the WORLD OF PHOTOGRAPHY which is not possible without the help of u guys.....I know, It will take time...not in Days but in Years to make a Stand...but I'm Confidant, Ur Experience will help me to stand by u in this field.....So, I hope for ur kind Cooperation, Help & Advice...

Thank u All.....