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About Me

I'm developing content for my new websites to be launched soon. I like "the girl next door" type of look. I try to bring the focus on the beauty of the model, and not so much on the backdrop or props. I prefer the natural "amateur look" to the highly-produced, over-stylized "professional" look.

Generally, I try to limit my shoot locations to the Reno, NV area, as well as Northern CA areas such as the Bay Area and the Sacramento area. I also plan on traveling to Las Vegas for shoots this year. I'm here to make contact with models.

I'm interested in TFP work with new models. I also work with more experienced models, and pay common industry rates.

I do not use MUAs, but may in the future. I do prefer a more natural look with only light makeup.

Model Releases and copies of a Photo-I.D. are obtained at every shoot.

In the occaisions I shoot models under 18, a Minor Model Release is obtained, signed by a Parent or Guardian who is present during the shoot. Also during these shoots, content is kept age-appropriate.

My camera is a Pentax K100D Super used in conjuction with a Pentax AF-360FGZ external flash.

Photos in my port have been saved to much smaller file size for the following reasons: to comply with file size limits on this site and others, ease of upload, and to discourage copy and re-posting of images. Therefore image quality may not accurately represent original archived version.

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