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About Me

Just another link in the chain...
I travel extensively and will probably be near you at some point this year.
I'm nice. Easy to work with. Apparently I'm not entirely awful. :-)

I don't really have a particular style but I'll never put you in a gas mask, pose you with a guitar covering your naked body, and I'm getting really bored with the hand bra.

Paid gigs, TFP...all welcome. I might even work for food if you are amazing in the kitchen. But amazing.

I do not tolerate models that flake. If you are not 100% committed to a shoot, please do not book with me. When I book a MUA and you don't show, I still have to pay her. When I buy flowers for your shoot and you don't show, I can't return them. When you cancel a couple hours before the shoot, I don't have enough time to find a replacement. Please do me the courtesy of showing up, or don't book the shoot.

2011 travel:

Jan 1 - 12 Thailand
March 1 - 7 Philippines
March 8 - 13 Japan
March 29 - April 22 Seattle
April 26 - May 7 Philippines
May 15 - June 7 Argentina & Brazil
June 29 Portland
June 30 Seattle
July 4-6 Barcelona
July 10-12 Lyon
July 21-22 Rome
July 29 Vienna
Aug 1-5 Los Angeles
Aug 7-9 Hong Kong
Aug 10-14 Tokyo
Dec 28-Jan 10 Bangkok

Oh yeah, I'm one of those clowns that only friends people he actually knows. Really knows. Or maybe we have actually set up a shoot but haven't met yet. Or are planning something. Or we've communicated a lot. You get the idea.
Tyler is the only exception, because, come on. It's Tyler.
So don't be offended if I ignore your friend request. It's not that I'm unfriendly. I'm quite friendly. Mom says so.
If you read between the lines here the point is that you should get to know me because I'm pretty damn cool. Mom said that, too.