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I've been a makeup artist for the last 26 years. I've been hooked on it ever since I was a very little girl, watching my mother put her liquid eyeliner on(back in the 60's, when heavy black liquid eyeliner ruled). Makeup grabbed my attention and became my favorite toy back then, and it has been ever since. It's more than just my passion...it's my drug.

I am now back to my first love(print/runway), after a very long and necessary 17 year hiatus.
This portfolio is only beginning!!! I have 17 years worth of bottled up creativity to let out(I was locked up behind a cosmetic counter, yikes!). So keep an eye on me...there's much more to come!
If you're interested in working with me...just shoot me an email. I have a VERY strong fashion background. I was with John Cassablanca/Elite Model Talent Mgmt., for quite a while, back when they were a "powerhouse" agency here in San Antonio(back in the 80's). You'll find that I'm easy(and kinda fun) to work with. I have a strong work ethic and pleasant attitude, and I work very FAST(could even possibly do it blindfolded at this point), while being a perfectionist at the same time...but most of all I'm pretty ding dang good at what I do.

I also handle non-model clients(weddings, special occassions), and I am an instructor as well.

I am available for all types of commercial work, runway shows, private clients, makeup application instruction, etc., in the San Antonio and Austin areas.

I will do limited TF* for a kit fee(per look or per model), as long as it is beneficial to my portfolio(unless we have had a prior arrangement). I loveLOVE collaborating on creative projects...so don't hesitatate to contact me!

I have an absolute HUNGER for constantly challenging myself, and to improve on my art by trying new things.

**PLEASE CONSIDER: In doing TF* photo shoots, the makeup artist is the only one involved, that has product he/she must frequently replenish. In order to provide the quality of work that is needed for gorgeous photos, the products we use have to be highly pigmented. Unfortunately, those products don't come cheap. Kit fees, help us to continue helping you.**

**If you want to send a friend request, please tag me, or comment on one of my photos first. I always like to know why that friend request is there. Thanks!!

Be sure and visit my MySpace page at:


You'll find current makeup trend info(which I am CONSTANTLY studying up on), skincare tips, along with my SLIGHTLY opinionated(but humorous) blog...and more photos, that have come from some of the shoots, shows, and projects I've worked on.



Stash Magazine-
January launch issue:
"Rendezvous at the Valencia Hotel"

Stash Magazine March Issue:
Cover w/ Playboy model
Lyndsey Ledbetter
Fashion Spread:
"Dark Spring"

**Monthly Contributing Beauty Editor- Stash Magazine

Monster Fashion Magazine

Essay Magazine


Bauhaus Media Group

MotionSonic Entertainment
Artist & Talent Group


"Fashion Rush" Fashion Show:
Phylter Bar - Dec. 18,2009

"Mannequin Dolls" Fashion Show:
Stash Magazine Launch Party
Club Rio - Jan. 23, 2009

210TV's "Le Lingerie" Fashion show
Club Rive- June 30, 2009


Seton Home "Great Expectations" Gala
Marriot River Center-San antonio, Tx
Makeup for young residents selected to attend


EandJ's Photography
Cassell Images
Lara Images
Lowe Studios
Andre Photography
ST Photography
Ruben Sanchez
Sanch Studios
Luis Munoz


07 Jul 09 21:39
Hi! I saw the vintage black & white shot on one of Angela Michell's portfolios a while back and have admired it ever since... Great work!
02 Jul 09 00:46
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