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About Me

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I am a fashion photographer.

ALL models will be required to have hair and make-up done, unless the shoot specifically requires other wise (we will talk in detail).

I am a photographer. You are a model. You expect me to know how to set up my lights and use my camera. I expect you to know how to pose. I will send you examples of the looks I am trying to capture. I want you to not only study them but find your own and send them to me. We are in this together. We are a team.

I am doing limited trades. So if you have an idea please contact me. I love the creative process and will be more than happy to help you create your vision.

ESCORTS are cars and should be parked outside and NOT in my studio. If you don't get the pun I just made then InBx me and I will explain. LoL {Underage models are allowed to have an adult present}


When we do shoot we will have fun (and probably cupcakes), we are about to make art and we need to enjoy ourselves to do so.

. I shoot on location and I have my own studio.
Any questions contact me here on MM

Art is Emotion.
Lets make people feel something when they look at our work.

Be prosperous,
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10 Sep 14 12:59
Awesome work!
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