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Im very easy and casual to work with. Im broadening my horizons in photography and the ones I have ashot with say they enjoy how laid back my shoots are,I am looking to shoot any and all models no matter shape or size or color...Feel free to contact me with any and all needs ,I am mostly shooting content for my upcoming website wyldthings.com...bikini,lingerie and nudes (including what some call erotic,on a lite level..lol)lots of options though ,if u r cool with more explicit stuff by all means let me know,I WILL compensate for it!! Video options available soon as well,in HD!!..all are paid shoots.

Any and all models wanting to discuss doing a fun and laid back type of shoot,please contact me if You are in the area.we can discuss pay rates as well,privately..Im open to all shapes and sizes,colors as well!! I think ,like others you will find I am fun and relaxed atmosphere where your safety and comfort is my top priority!

I shoot mainly for my own use so pics needed are whatever both our minds want to create,( I have none of those "have To" shots)..thats what makes shooting with me such a blast..no pressure and no stress,just like I live..would love to work with any models on any level..(now if you are expecting to make giant sums of money,into the thousandds evn,I cant afford you,....yet..but if you wanna do a quik fun shoot at a private safe secluded location without big groups of people and production crews and lights and stuff(thats why I shoot outdoors)..Im ur man! I do shoot into full adult nude so please keep that in consideration!

I hoppe to make lots of interesting connections and meet lots of talented people here!! You will find Im easily approachable,go ahead I dont bite!!

Fave quote: "Let Nothing stand in your way!!"

Please Note: When contacting me to possibly shoot,please read my profile and look a t the style of pics I shoot..its got a huge range of alot of things but nudes is what sells,thats my business,Im not gonna pay you for something I Cant use! Note the style of nude is penthouse all the way to hustler (and everything in between)something for everyones comfort level. so if you are shy or anti that we can be friends but I cant use you,Im sorry,I felt this was necesasary to add BC i was getting a lot of girls wanting to work but saying they wont do adult nudes or nudes at all,secondly I pay out of my own pocket and budget The rates I pay are very comparable,so when I tell you the rates I pay dont tell me ..well this is what I usually get paid or this is my rate! If its not what I told you then I cant afford you,I figure something is better than nothing,especially in this economy,and for evry girl who wants to not work for my rates...there are 10 more ,that are more than willing..I hope this offends noone and if it does,ur probably the ones I didnt want to work with any way and just saved both my time and yours!! Anyone else please keep your negative comments and opinions to yourselves..Thats my only rules,if you can handle that...we can have alot of fun..and make some great sexy pics!!


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