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+well i have been a photographer for over 30 years off and on. I started out with yearbook photographer in school then i enlisted in the army where i was send over seas . I took Photos all over Europe, Asia, and Australia. even did so in Africa. I then shift for tourist to wanting to do it as a professional so i took some classes on base to learn how to photograph people and places better. I them started Landscapes and structures. This got boring after a couple of years
I then shfted to doing freelance Photography with my army unit alot of times i could get the good pictures before the Press was even allowed in. I made some money doing that. did not make me rich but i enjoyed it!!
I then got discharged and shifted to underwater photography. and to models. I got to love both of these so i combined them. I really love doing it and i am at this time working to better myself at this genre. So if you would like to be photographed underwater come talk to me.
I do not and will not shoot any augmented models. i believe in Natural beauty not bought beauty. i would much reather shoot a small breasted model then a large breasted augmented model. Be proud of what you have do not be a fake.



27 Nov 10 08:59
very creative portfolio stunning images http://zarihsretouching.com/
30 Oct 10 16:40
Excellent work
29 Oct 10 14:47
Great innovative work. Especially your night shots.
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